Whitefish Grilling in Smoke Hut

SEASON: All year
DURATION: 1 hour
GROUP SIZE: 4–20 people

490 SEK
Per Person

Kukkola village is famous for grilling whitefish. The fish is cooked on a stick over open fire. The Timber Smoke Hut, one of the oldest buildings in Kukkola village, dates to the 1700s. When cooking the fish you get to hear stories about different methods of preparing fish and about the fishing culture in Kukkola. Tunnbröd (Swedish flat bread) and sima (a sweet sparkling brew spiced with lemon and brown sugar) is served together with the fish. If whitefish is not available, fresh salmon will be grilled instead.


email: info@gransresor.se

HAPARANDA +46 (0) 922-12525

KALIX +46 (0) 923-12526

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