Chartered / Private Holidays

Travel to your loved ones – we make your trip possible! We co-operate with SAS, Norwegian and SJ. Book your trip to sun and heat. We co-operate with the largest companies.

Swedish Lapland

Winter sports, activities and accommodation in Swedish Lapland.

Business Trips

We take care of your companies total travel arrangements. We help organise the most cost effective itinerary, find suitable hotels, book a rental car and more.


We are all different and have different wishes. Sailing on a cruise ship is relaxing where you can eat good food and experience many different destinations. We work to find what suits you!

Special Trips

The whole world is open to you! We have the opportunity to book round trips, golf trips, training camps to all corners of the world. Everything from the sun to unique experiences. The trip is customised to your wishes.


The United States of America is the country of opportunity. We can package a unique trip especially for you. We will guide and assist you with all travel documents and we will do everything to ensure you have your USA trip.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations for whatever reason. You can insure yourself against bad luck. If something unpredictable occurs that causes you to cancel a prepaid trip the cancellation protection will refund you. Cancellation Protection also refunds you if you need to cancel an event such as a concert, football match and more. For more questions, please contact us. We provide cancellation protection through European ERV insurance.

Travel Insurance

An insurance is an important protection for the traveller if unforeseen events occur. It is up to you as a traveller to ensure that you have full insurance coverage. Travel insurance in home insurance usually expires after 45 days. We provide travel insurance through European ERV. ERV have different travel insurance which is adaptable for the traveller’s needs. For more questions please contact us. We always recommend that you as a traveller have full travel protection.

Checklist for the Trip

A small checklist to ensure your trip is as expected before you leave.

Review your order and travel documents.
The name is spelled correctly
Right travel length
Number of people
Departure day
In addition, it is important to inform you about travel conditions, conditions of entry, vaccination requirements, etc. It is the responsibility of every traveller to ensure that there is a required visa and valid passport when entering another country. Please note that some countries require the passport to be valid for at least 6 months. Some countries have special rules regarding stamps in the passport, this also applies to stop-over and airport change.

It is extremely important that you have examined all the requirements and regulations that apply to the country or countries you are visiting. For the least hesitation, contact the country’s embassy or consulate. You as a traveller are solely responsible for any costs incurred due to shortcomings in the above mentioned formalities. Mandatory ID verification of all travellers has been introduced in Sweden, not only at check-in but also at the street. You must be able to legitimise yourself with a valid ID document. Below is a link to the Police if you have more questions.

Important Links

Svartlistade flygbolag
List of airlines banned in the EU

Daily exchange rate via Forex

When entering the United States all travellers must have an electronic entry permit. This applies to anyone travelling to the United States without a separate visa (see the Visa Waiver Program, VWP). The permit must be valid upon boarding at the departure airport.

Check your travel plan.

Vaccinations and health care.

Weather forecast

SRF:s villkor för paketresor

The following conditions govern the contractual relationship between tour operator, member of the Swedish Travel Agency, and traveler when purchasing package travel.

Advice before the trip.

Pass och Id-handlingar
The police’s information regarding passports and ID documents.

Information Gällande Visum
It is important that you check the visa requirements for the destination or destinations you will visit in good time before departure. Please note that in some cases visas may also be required for a stopover in a country.

Resegaranti Kammarkollegiet
Information about travel guarantee for you as a traveler.

Here you can see events in the aviation world. Arrival and departures (Domestic and foreign via Swedish airports).

Gränsresor Travel Agency

Gränsresor is a full service travel agency established in 2008. We have offices in Kalix and Haparanda in Norrbotten.
You will always be met with a smile. The most important thing for us is personal service, quality products and knowledge. We have a long experience in the travel industry and we your travel plans are in safe hands. We can sit down together and plan your trip.

With us you can choose from many different tour operators and companies. We have cooperation with all the major organizers.
The world is open to you. Let’s get the chance to help, we will do our utmost for a successful journey. Visit us in Haparanda or in Kalix, contact us by phone or send a booking request.

We are members of the SRF (Swedish Travel Agency Association) and we have a travel guarantee at Kammarkollegiet.

SRF:s webbplats

SRF:s villkor för paketresor

Registered Office: Haparanda, Sverige. Bolagets organisationsnummer: 556756-1302

Business Travel Guarantee

Our business concept is based on the fact that through good service, knowledge and high quality, we become the best travel agency in East Norrbotten. We will achieve this by continuously training staff and working hard with customer contact with both private business customers and finding the best solution for their travels.

We are members of the SRF (Swedish Travel Agency Association) and we have a travel guarantee at Kammarkollegiet.


On the Foreign Ministry’s (UD) website you can see which country you should not go to.

Sweden Foreign and Security Policy

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